How C.I.S. Works With Vibrators
  Illustration # 5 demonstrates how the C.I.S.  vibrators enhance the flow properties of the thick, poured insulation. Vibrators are attached to the base of the metal liner and to the underside of the top nose cone. As the zero slump or thick insulation is being poured onto the nose cone, the high frequency vibration increases the flowabilty of the poured insulation causing the insulation to completely encapsulate the metal liner. Tests have shown that the vibration and spacers even cause the poured insulation to flow through offsets, completely surrounding the metal chimney liner from top to bottom.   Without the C.I.S. vibrators and spacers the poured insulation forms air pockets and voids around the metal liner that allow heat to radiate from the metal chimney liner through the chimney walls to the surrounding wood framing.