The Solution
The C.I.S. (Centering & Insulation System)  process removes this inherent vice when installing and insulating metal chimney liners. By employing spacers around the metal chimney liner and inducing mechanical vibration to the chimney liner, the required 1” minimum thickness of poured insulation is achieved, rendering the installation in full compliance with all applicable requirements. The C.I.S. procedure is compatible with fireplace and appliance flues.

How C.I.S. Works
As demonstrated in illustration # 2, spacers measuring 1” diameter are permanently attached to the chimney liner before it is installed in the chimney. The spacers maintain the minimum 1” separation between the metal chimney liner and the inside surfaces of the chimney.

Illustration # 3 reveals an aerial view of the metal chimney liner, C.I.S. spacer, and poured insulation. Note how the C.I.S.  spacer maintains the required 1” space with which to pour the insulation. The space between each wave in the spacer allows the poured insulation to flow through the spacer into the chimney cavity.

(image 3 below)